Biodynamic winemaking takes a comprehensive approach to sustainable agriculture. We see the soil in which our vines grow as a living organism.

Our role is to maintain the balance of microorganisms, roots and animals within our soils and vivify our wines biodynamically, using natural products and medicinal plants.

What does that mean in practice?

Nourishing our soils naturally involves working the land with regular ploughing to maintain the microbial life of the soil. That biodiversity is very important as it will help the vine grow by drawing nourishment from the roots.

Protecting our vines with preventive products such as Bordeaux mixture (copper) and sulphur makes it possible to tackle diseases such as odium and mildew (fungus). Instead of fungicides, insecticides or pesticides, we regularly use very low amounts of these products, i.e. 3 kg/ha/year of copper. Nettle fertilizer and horsetail infusion also strengthen the plant against external threats.

Returning to manual labour is one of the biggest challenges in biodynamic winemaking. The processes are demanding and not always mechanizable. That means returning to forgotten practices with traditional tools such as pickaxing to prevent stubborn plants gaining a foothold in the vineyard. Excess weed growth could cause competition that would overcrowd our vines.

We emphasize the natural qualities of the grapes with 100% manual harvests and carefully design the various tasks in the cellar to retain the full aromas.

We make Living Wines

Biodynamie : notre philosophie - Domaine BrandFor us, it is a philosophical choice aiming to return to natural expression of the terroir.

During the vinification, we strive to retain the life within the wine by maintaining the natural grape yeasts (microorganisms essential for fermentation). Technical processes such as filtering or adding chemicals are banned.

The idea is to capture all the life that gives us beautiful grapes, retain that life during the vinification and bring it to you in the bottle.

Our wines meet France’s Vin Naturel (AVN) and S.A.I.N.S. (no added chemicals or sulphites) standards.