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Domaine Brand & FILS | Vins d'Alsace

Domaine Brand & Fils

From the small winegrowing village of Ergersheim in Alsace, twelve miles west of Strasbourg, I'm delighted to share my life's work and passion with you. You could say I was born amongst the vines, with my grandfather and father both being winemakers, and they gave me a love for our craft.

Over these pages, you can find out more about our family's history, winemaking and estate.

I hope that you will enjoy exploring our website, which is designed to outline my approach and perhaps pique your curiosity.

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and Natural Wine Estate

For me, biodynamic winemaking aims to increase the fertility and health of our soils by encouraging greater biodiversity.

I have chosen Demeter accreditation to certify and promote my winemaking techniques. Its requirements are much stricter than Europe’s organic certification.

Spring water drawn from the foot of the Vosges hills, horn manure and horn silica, a waxing moon at dawn and a waning moon at dusk all contribute to a healthy soil balance.

Working with nature gives us grapes that reach their full potential and enables us to vinify Biodynamic and Natural Wines.

Organic wine certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01
?Biodynamic wine certified by Demeter