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AOC Gewurztraminer Kefferberg


Grape varieties: 100% Gewurztraminer
Soil: calcareous clay
Pruning: double Guyot
Yield: 60 hl/ha
Location: Kefferberg


Slow pressing of whole grapes, indigenous yeast, nine-month maturation in wood casks.
Complies with the Alsace organic wine vinification charter
Final alcohol content 13%

Tasting Notes

I see the soil, which will nourish my vine, as a living being in itself. It will give my grapes their flavour-filled flesh and bring my wines all their strength and character. With these characteristics, Kefferberg has become my flavour playground.
With no residual sugar, our Gewurztraminer Kefferberg is a very aromatic wine with characteristic rose and litchi flavours.

Serving Suggestion

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